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What we do

Techlivery provides a platform that combines business’ motorbike, technology, speed, innovation, and savings. We  provide chat-based courier bookings platform.Our clients do pick-ups and drop-offs with just a click of a button.

E-commerce Logistics Services

We provide you customized logistics solutions for e-commerce to best suit your supply chain needs. Techlivery is among the first e-commerce delivery companies in South Africa that offers an array of services which includes parcel transportation, freight, and fulfillment services




Supply Chain Logistics

Logistics plays an essential part in supply chain. With the global trade rising rapidly, Supply Chain logistics provides the framework for the swift growth of global trade. At Techlivery, we provide Supply Chain solutions through a perfectly organized network of warehousing inventory, and transportation, Capitalizing on the best available modes of transportation.

Rent your scooter with Us

Do you have a scooter and you don't know what to do with it? Wanna know how your bike can help you get extra cash?

Become a Driver

Do you have a Motorbike license and would ike to earn extra money?

We Guarantee:


Every action we take is geared towards building and strengthening the trust our clients put in us. That means offering client-centric service and never failing to deliver on our promises. We believe the best way to maintain our clients trust is to exceed their expectations in every single interaction.

Agility And Responsiveness

We are  agile, open-minded, and enthusiastic about innovation. We count these qualities among the key strength that make us so effective at providing our clients with the logistical solutions they need. By minimizing reporting layers and bureaucracy, we can provide the fastest  and most effective communication possible.

Strong Relationships

It takes both sides to build a bridge of a great business relationships. We understand the importance of building strong relationships throughout all areas of our business, from our employees to our customers, our partners, and our suppliers.

Positive Impact on Customer Success

We understand the impact that our logistics solutions have on our customers businesses, and we take pride in knowing that we are the positive driver of their success. 

Our Clients